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Basic Attention Token Among The 60 Digital Currencies Supported By HTC’s Exodus 1

It seems like as each day passes we are moving closer to mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Along side that the growth of Brave Browser and BAT reaches new heights also. The latest move is from High Tech Computer (HTC), which has released its Exodus 1, a second generation smartphone with an inbuilt digital currency wallet for users.

BAT among the supported digital currencies

Over 60 cryptocurrencies are supported by the smartphone wallet and Basic Attention Token is among them. The Exodus 1 has the capability of allowing uses to directly swap ERC-20 token in a decentralized way without having to leave the wallet.

BAT is gaining popularity in the market and support on Exodus 1 confirms it’ meteoric rise. Adoption of BAT is growing each day thanks to the bullish price prediction of BAT in 2019 and it’s working use-case.

Adoption of BAT through its native Brave Browser is becoming widely accepted and users get rewarded with BAT to view ads. Brave has been pushing for more expansion and growth and as it grows so does the adoption of BAT.

The inbuilt wallet on Exodus 1 has been integrated with Kyber Network liquidity which will enable users to directly transact without needing assistance for a third party exchange. With this latest invention, HTC is enhancing cryptocurrency technology and helping push for mainstream adoption of the blockchain.

BAT to benefit from mainstream adoption of blockchain technology

BAT is expected to benefit from adoption of blockchain in the mainstream, especially with smartphone makers integrating blockchain features in their latest smartphones.

Samsung, for instance, is also considering a similar move and it has built a service for blockchain and cryptocurrency users. The recently launched Samsung Galaxy S10 has a cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to easily and quickly access the crypto space. Users are able to buy and store cryptocurrency in their phones.

HTC and Samsung are also taking the necessary steps towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by building phones that support cryptocurrency exchange which will benefit many digital currencies such as BAT.

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